CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility


Under the heading Relocating the world, MF Interlogistics aspires to create a sustainable future for relocations in a global and changeable world. With our sustainability strategy we want to rethink solutions for the entire value chain from origin to destination.

Our purpose is to maintain a strong environmental future for the world we live in as we help fulfill customers’ needs all over the world, without compromising future generations ability to meet their needs.


We have a huge responsibility to supply customers all over the world with climate friendly and responsibly arranged relocations. And we are keenly aware that we are borrowing and using society’s common resources to do so.


– Victor Helgogaard, Managing Director, MFinterlogistics 


This ambition requires a profound focus on sustainability throughout the value chain.

The core of our CSR strategy is the ambition to form partnerships that can lead us towards long-term, sustainable solutions. Besides, the strategy seeks ways to sustainable transportation, sustainable packing materials, desired jobs for everyone and how we can secure continuous innovative development in the market in close collaboration with customers and partners.

The 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world:


We are thinking all of the global goals into every strategic decision we make. As per 2019 we decided to put an extra effort in GOAL 1, GOAL 12, GOAL 13.

Read our Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility here.